#053: Jeb Blount – Objections and Fanatical Prospecting

Jeb Blount and Objections

Today’s guest may very well be the biggest name in sales training today. I also believe he is one of the best.

Jeb Blount has written 9 best-selling books on sales. His book, Fanatical Prospecting which he published in 2015, struck a chord and has continued to resonate with thousands of salespeople everywhere.

Jeb just released his new book, Objections, The Ultimate Guide For Mastering The Art And Science Of Getting Past No, on May 17th of this year and it immediately shot up the charts to a #1 bestseller.

Anthony Iannarino, a best-selling author in his own right and former Success Is Voluntary podcast guest, declared: “Objections is the indispensable guide to the meaningful client conversations that only Jeb Blount could deliver. You will never again fear rejection and you will never again struggle to get past ‘No.’ Jeb is at the very top of his game in Objections, and after reading it, you will be too.”

Jeb travels the US and internationally as he speaks 250 days a year to sales organizations of all types.

Oh yeah, he also runs SalesGravy.com, the premier job site in the sales industry.

You will definitely want to get out your pen and a pad to take notes. Jeb absolutely crushed it in today’s podcast. If you don’t learn anything… That’s on you.

Things Jeb and I Talked About

  • His dedication to sales as a profession and being a true pro.
  • In 25 years he has made every sales mistake.
  • Has had great success and great failure.
  • His decision to leave corporate America and start his own company.
    • How tough it was.
    • The work it took.
    • Had to GRIND every day.
    • How he worked so hard he hurt physically.
    • How he got up at 2:00am to work on his business.
    • How his wife said that she believed in him, and knew he was doing the right thing, but would like to see some evidence. (The lovely Dizzy D says the same thing to me…)
    • It was intimidating and a blow to his ego to start over.
    • He was willing to take a step back to move forward.
    • The need to burn the ships. It leaves only one choice… to succeed!
    • It took him nearly six years to get his company on a very sturdy foundation.
    • There is no secret to success. Just hard work! GRIND.

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#051: Scott Channell – Dramatically Improve Your Cold Call Scripts

Even if you think you are a professional


I’ve been in sales for 22 years. I’ve made thousands of cold calls. I’ve lead sales teams that combined, have made hundreds of thousands of cold calls. I’ve written cold call scripts. I’ve trained cold calling. I’ve considered myself to be an expert… Today’s guest, Scott Channell helped me to understand I needed to learn even more!

What We Talked About

Scott’s start in general marketing including direct response.

How he started developing cold call scripts.

How he was able to set over 2,00 appointments with CEOs of major companies.

When you get the prospect on the phone, you have 7 seconds to earn the right to a 30-second conversation.

Why it’s critical to get the prospect to choke on “I’m all set.” And how to do that.

Why most sales teams miss one of the most important elements of a cold call script: Credibility

The need to brutally eliminate every unnecessary word in your script, including your last name.

Scott’s rule of 7.

A big part of sales if just bumping into someone who meets your profile, has a need for what you do, and would benefit from your experience.

Why phrases like, “How are you doing?” or, “Am I catching you at a bad time?” are dumb.

Don’t make it easy for them to lump you in with the idiots.

They don’t care if you are conversational. Just lay the value on the table and let them say yes or no.

You can’t out-nice the completion.

The importance of a CRM, segmentation, and why he (and I) use ACT.

Everything has changed yet the drivers of success in sales haven’t changed at all.

Understand that you don’t have as much wiggle room as you once did. Make sure you are executing when you get the chance.

Don’t chase shiny objects. Work a solid plan.

“Don’t wish it was easier. Wish you were better.” ~ Jim Rhone

Books We Talked About

Spin Selling – Neil Rakham

Managing Major Sales – Neil Rackham & Richard Ruff

Million Dollar Consulting – Alan Weiss

Setting Sales Appointments: How to Gain Access To Top Level Decision-Makers – Scott Channell

7 Steps to Sales Scripts for B2B Appointment Setting – Scott Channell


Where To Find Scott

You can reach Scott at his website: ScottChannell.com or on LinkedIn at linkedin.com/in/scottchannell1

Next Week

You will definitely want to join us again next week when I bring on maybe the most sought-after sales trainers, authors, and speakers on the planet. Jeb Blount stopped by last week and the conversation was absolutely amazing! I can’t wait to share it with you!

#Bonus Podcast: – Business Blast with Tyler Wagner

I'm the guest!


This is a bonus podcast!

I was asked to appear on Tyler Wagner’s podcast “The Business Blast.” Before saying yes, I thought I would go on and listen to an episode or two. The episodes were so short, typically 5-8 minutes, that I got sucked in! I probably listened to 9 or 10 before I realized I had fallen into the same kind of vortex I sometimes find myself in when I go on to Youtube to “watch just one video.”

Tyler asks the same set of questions to each guest. It is fascinating to listen to how different people perceive the world.

I Challenge You

Instead of just listening to my answers, I’d encourage you to pretend Tyler was

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#049: Dave Martin – Building Sales Teams – Part 2

My strategy for success? I'm going to outwork you.


We got rave reviews for part 1 of this 2-part interview with Dave Martin (no relation). I really believe that you will learn a TON as we continue our conversation centered around building sales teams. In case you missed it, here is a link to part 1: CLICK HERE

Things Dave and I Discussed

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#048: Dave Martin – Building Sales Teams Part 1 (of 2)

Everything is hard until it isn't hard anymore.

Dave Martin Speaking

Just a quick note, Dave and I are not related.

Dave was introduced to me by my friend, and past podcast guest, Gary Hoy.

When I called to introduce myself and invite him on, our conversation lasted almost an hour. It was very clear that Dave is an expert in the banking world and what he does.

What We Talked About

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There MUST be a reason.

Some days it is hard to remember why you went into sales. Some days you get your head handed to you. Some days that big client you were counting on (and had already spent the commission check in your mind) backs out of the deal.

Really, Why?

Why do you keep going? Why is it that you believe things are going to get better? Maybe like many salespeople, you are overly optimistic. But I don’t think so.

I think you have a bigger reason than just making money (at least I hope so.) The challenge is that it is easy to sometimes lose sight of what really drives us.

There was a reason you went into sales. There was a reason you chose the company you represent. There is a reason you are still there. There is a reason you don’t have your resume on CareerBuilder.com


One of the most powerful exercises I have done with my team is

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#047: Dr. Paul Flatley – Part 2 (of 2) Telemedicine

The Future Of Healthcare Is Now

Dr. Paul Flatley, Founder of Direct2MD

Dr. Paul Flatley is the founder of Direct2MD. D2MD is a telemedicine company that he founded almost 2 years ago.

For the 6 years prior to founding Direct2MD, Paul was the Medical Director for Arizona’s busiest Emergency Room. His department averaged a staggering 75,000 ER visits per year.

When I first met Dr. Paul, I immediately was fascinated by him, his business model, and his mission.

 Broken Promises?

For more than 15 years, there has been the promise that someday in the

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Your Sacred Duty

Leadership is bigger than an expectation

“To whom much is given, much is required.” – Luke 12:48

Regardless of your faith system/worldview, the message of the above passage is universal. As leaders in this industry, we have been given much. I have a friend who regularly says, “If I had settled for my wildest dreams, I would have sold myself short.” I feel the exact same way. If that is true, then I am REQUIRED to pay it forward, even if I wasn’t in leadership.


So what does the “REQUIRED” mean? You will have to figure that out for yourself. As for me, it means I owe it to the people that are counting on me, the people I lead, to give them my absolute, level best every single day. Regardless of my own personal circumstances. Regardless if I feel like it. Regardless if I am tired. Regardless if the last two people I tried to help didn’t listen. Regardless if people sometimes try to take advantage of me. Regardless if…

Hard Work

Being in leadership is not always puppy dogs kissing

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Why you don’t prospect

The answer might surprise you

I had Gary Hoy on the podcast a few weeks ago. Before his appearance, I had never met Gary, but he reached out to me by doing exactly what he preaches. He got on the phone and cold-called me. 

Setting Appointments


I quickly came to realize that Gary is the real deal and we have been bouncing ideas off each other ever since. In fact, we have spoken at least 3 times per week. I believe that we will collaborate on some projects down the road. 

Why Gary’s Program Is Different

On our last phone call, Gary told me about how his Appointment University program continues to grow and why he is excited to offer it the SIV tribe. I have been through the entire course and it is excellent. In my 22 years in professional sales, I have never seen anything like it. There are hundreds of programs designed to teach people what to say when prospecting. Gary focuses on helping people pick up the phone in the first place. It doesn’t matter how much knowledge you have. If you won’t actually pick up the phone, you won’t last very long. As Gary likes to say, “You can’t steer a parked car.”

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#046: Dr. Paul Flatley – Part 1 (of 2)

The Opioid Crisis In America Is Worse Than Advertised


Today’s Podcast subject is a little different then what we usually talk about. But I think the conversation is critical, fascinating, and does play into the overall health of many of the clients and their families you serve.

You would have to live under a rock to not know by now that the opioid crisis is destroying lives and tearing families apart. The overdose statistics are staggering and there doesn’t seem to be any end in sight.

Even with the sensationalism that the media is prone to, according to today’s guest, former emergency room doctor Paul Flatley, D.O., the situation is even worse than advertised.

Dr. Paul shares some very insightful perspective on the situation from an ER doctor’s point of view. He shared some of the incredibly difficult decisions that he and his peers have to make each day regarding prescribing opioids. I’m not sure I have seen much if any, coverage on the challenges good doctors are facing when it comes to balancing the true needs of some patients with the people that are addicted and drug seeking. Spoiler alert, there are no easy answers.

“We will return to our normally scheduled programming next week.”

Dr. Paul will return for part 2, but we will spend the time talking about what many consider to be the most disruptive tool for medical treatment delivery ever: Telemedicine. You will not want to miss it!

#045: Steve Cunningham – Intentional Learning

Learning about learning...Isn't that ironic?

Steve Cunningham founder of readitfor.me

We had Steve Cunningham on the podcast almost 4 years ago. He absolutely ROCKED it then and this time around was no different! If you don’t get something out of this episode, I’m worried about you…

By now you probably know that Steve is the Founder and CEO of ReadItFor.Me  He takes the latest business and personal development books and creates short, video, executive summaries. I have recommended their program for several years now and many of my friends and business colleagues have subscribed as well.

What is “Intentional Learning?”

We certainly talked briefly about his company, but we really dug into this idea of “Intentional Learning.” Simply put, by thinking about how you are going to utilize the information you are learning (before even learning it) makes all the difference! He shared a great example of an experiment that scientists performed on three groups of people. All three groups were asked to exercise, but there was a stunning difference in the results between groups. I won’t spoil the outcome. You will definitely want to listen… 

So What?

Steve suggests that one of the biggest differentiators between most people and the ultra-successful is their laser focus on being intentional about their learning. I have been preaching the importance of a personal development plan for a long time now. I believe that with Steve’s suggestions I can take my development to the next level. Will you join me?

Short but Sweet

I’m going to keep the show notes for this episode short, but don’t think that means this episode isn’t seriously impactful.

Why can’t I get that stupid Alanis Morissette song out of my head?

Just as a side note: Not a single thing Alanis sings about in that song is actually ironic. Maybe that’s the ironic part? They certainly are unfortunate, but she needs to look up the definition of irony.

The Perfect Script

The question I have been asked more than any other over the last 20+ years is, “What is the best script to use?” There are approximately 23 billion books on writing cold calling scripts. They are really just variations on a theme.

The perfect script

The reality is there is no such thing as a perfect script. In fact, sales trainer Gary Hoy and I discussed this very thing when I had him on the podcast. Telling your salespeople that the script you are giving them is “THE” best script is completely demoralizing to them if they don’t get instant results.

Now I’m not suggesting for a minute that scripts aren’t important. A true pro knows that there are certain words and language patterns that lead the prospect closer to an appointment. They also know there are things that will drive the prospect away kicking and screaming.

If your organization has scripts they want you to use, by all means, you should use them initially. Just know that any script will fail way more often than it succeeds. After you have had your teeth kicked in 100 times or so, you will slowly get better.

 The Best Script Ever

I stated above that there is no such thing as the perfect script, but can I give you the best script ever? The script that I have seen set more appointments than any other was,

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