#002: The Formula For Success – Tim Martin & Moe Sullivan [Podcast]

Over the last 16 years I have seen agents who looked good, talked good, smelled good, and had a great resume fail.  During the same time, I’ve seen agents who didn’t have near the same amount of polish or quite frankly talent, hit unbelievable sales highs.

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People constantly ask me, “What is the secret to success in the Voluntary Benefits arena?”  Well I have bad news and good news for you today!  The bad news: There is no secret I can give you to make you successful.  The good news: There is a formula. If you will follow the formula, your success is almost guaranteed!  If you don’t, I can promise you, you are in for a miserable, unfulfilling and short career in this industry.  I hope you grab ahold of this formula and don’t dismiss it because it looks to simple.  Remember simple and easy are too different things. –(Tweet That!)

The Formula

Attitude X Activity X Effectiveness X Market = Success!



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