#008: Astound Yourself Today – Brian Hicks Interview [Podcast]

This week we had Brian Hicks on the Success Is Voluntary podcast.

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I have had the great privilege of seeing Brian speak four times, including the two times I have paid him to come speak to my team. His message Astound Yourself Today resounds with audience deeply.  In this episode Brian and I talk about many things including:

  • What he learned from being in commission sales, that made him a better person.
  • The 80/20 rule.
  • How most sales people don’t actually read the books their managers give them.
  • Why people love stories.
  • How he came up with the idea for his book The Tinderbox Tapes.
  • Why dreaming is important however:
    • It’s not what you think it is.
    • It’s fleeting.
    • It’s more about who you become along the way.
  • During the process of writing his books, how his kids have seen the value of not waiting to get picked.
  • Not waiting for someone to come along.
  • You don’t write books to get wealthy.
  • People feebly try, because no one has given them a strong chance.
  • To grow the organization, must grow the people.
  • Why building your business is supposed to suck!
  • Thomas Edison’s quote, “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”
  • Why dreaming of a new world and then creating it is important for you.
  • What you are capable of doing.
    • Can you make five extra call a day?
    • The night before you go out, map out exactly where you are going.
  • His new venture Piedmont and how it can really help a Voluntary Benefits sales person in those circumstances where the employer won’t or can’t perform a bank draft.

And much, much more.

I hope you enjoy listening to this podcast half as much as I did recording it. Could you let me know?

You can find Brain at:

Lastly, If you are a parent, you need to read his book The Tinderbox Tapes. I promise it will rock your world.

That’s it for this week. Join me next week when we explore the process of developing a business plan with my guest Joe Clark. I promise you won’t want to miss it. Before you go: Could you do me a favor?  If you enjoyed the show, please rate it on iTunes and write a brief review. That would help tremendously in getting the word out! Thanks. 

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