#019: Joe Buzzello Interviews Tim Martin – About Disturbing Questions [Podcast]

In today’s podcast, previous Success Is Voluntary guest, Joe Buzzello sits down with new author Tim Martin to ask him about his just released eBook Disturbing Questions. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the interview, Joe gives the book his full endorsement.

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During the interview Tim and Joe talk about the following:

  • Why all the logic in the world doesn’t matter to the business owner/Decision Maker.
  • Moving the Decision Maker from a logical decision to an emotional decision.
  • How to get the Decision Maker uncomfortable.
  • Why so many salespeople leave the business.
  • Why Tim wrote the book.
  • Just because there is no reason for the Decision Maker to say no, doesn’t mean that there is enough reason to say yes.
  • Why a quick no is critical to get from the Decision Maker.
  • What you must do to get the Decision Maker to take you seriously.
  • Why being a people pleaser is the best way to lose the business.
  • How to get the Decision Maker to take you seriously.
  • When it is ok to make the Decision Maker mad at you.
  • What the risks are when we make the Decision Maker mad and why we do it anyway.
  • How the Decision Maker lives a different life-style than their employees and why we must remind them of that fact.
  • Why “Maybe” kills most sales people.
  • When it is ok to walk away from a potential client.
  • Why Joe wants to get out and run some Decision Maker appointments.
  • How to purchase the book.

If you are interested in purchasing the book Disturbing Questions just click here.Buy Now Orange


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