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Below you will find the Sales Axioms video and the link to download the hand out.

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I have recently revamped my publishing strategy to the following schedule: You will hear from me 3 times per week. As a subscriber, every Monday and Wednesday you will get my latest blog article delivered straight to your email inbox. On Fridays you will receive the link to my latest podcast and the show notes. This way you can read the articles and listen to the podcast at your leisure without having to remember to go on to and looking for them there.



Y’All Come Back Now…..Frequently!!!

Speaking of the website, you definitely will still want to visit at least once a week.  I do update it at daily (at least) with quotes, links, books I’m reading, inspirational videos I have found, industry news, etc.  I don’t push this content out to you because I don’t want to wear out my welcome! The only things you will get in your inbox are the two blog articles, the podcast, and an occasional exciting announcement. I also won’t sell, rent, lend, or share your email address with anyone!

Last And Most Importantly

I promise not to ever take you for granted.  If you take the time to make a comment on an article or send me an email, you deserve my personal response. And you will get it!

I am so excited to help you grow in your Voluntary Benefits career.

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you rock


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2 thoughts on “Sales Axioms

    • Ray,

      I’m glad you and the team are so engaged! Thank you for being a loyal listener and reader.

      Quick reminder. Each week I pick a sales team of the week and send them each a copy of my ebook. To enter this contest all you have to do is email me a picture of your sales team huddled around a computer screen showing the Success Is Voluntary website. Please include a list of who is in the photo and their email addresses so I can send them a link to the book! That’s it! Pretty simple right? Again, to enter just send me a picture of your team with Success Is Voluntary on the computer screen, a list of who is in the picture, and their email addresses. You and your team might be the winners. My email address is

      Thanks again!!!