#028: “Genius” Joe Buzzello Interview

Are you doing your genius work?

Genius Work Diagram

On Monday I introduced you to the idea of doing your “Genius Work.” I learned this concept from my friend and mentor Joe Buzzello. We have talked about it often and I felt it was time to bring it to you, my faithful subscriber. As a reminder your “Genius Work” occurs when:

  1. You love doing the work.
  2. You are talented and do the work with excellence.
  3. You can monetize the work.

To further explain this concept I invited Joe to join us on today’s Podcast.

But before you click on the play button, I want you to remember back to second grade when we were first introduced to the Venn Diagram. If you will remember, a Venn Diagram shows where two or more things overlap. For our example the chart above illustrates that sweet spot where all three components (enjoyment, talent, and monetization) of “Genius Work” all intersect.


Joe Buzzello


As a reminder Joe has authored two Amazon best selling books: The CAP Equation and Drawing Circles. Both are excellent and I heartily recommend them!  You can click on the covers below to get more information or to purchase them from Amazon.

I have also read an advanced copy of his new book: A Life In Sales. I promise you will not want to miss it when it comes out!



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