Tim Martin

Headshot succo-webI have spent the last 20+ years in the Voluntary Benefits (VB) sales world, starting as an Agent and working my way up to managing 4 state operations (AZ/NM/NV/West TX, ) for the 2nd largest VB carrier on the planet.  During that time I have personally recruited and trained over 2,000 VB Agents.  I have watched in horror as “sure-fire rockstars” fizzle out before they even got started.  I have also watched in admiration as people with less polish (and quite frankly less talent) hit unbelievable sales highs!

The purpose of this blog, the Success Is Voluntary podcast, and the soon to be released book of the same name, is to help you learn from the successes (and failures) of those that have come before you.  Those that have gone down in flames and those that have succeeded beyond their wildest imaginations.  There is no reason for you to make the same mistakes and suffer the same consequences that those who failed out of this business did.  Conversely, there is no reason you can’t learn the same techniques, tricks, and disciplines that the most successful agents have now made habit.  As one of my heroes in this business once told me, “We just need to take systems that are proven to work and make them a habit.”

It is my belief that we have a sacred calling in this industry.  A calling to help people make decisions that can literally change their lives.  We get people to do what they should do anyway, but wouldn’t do if we didn’t come along. (Tweetable!)  The catch?  You have to get good at this thing!  You have to dedicate true effort, energy, and enthusiasm into learning your craft.  The cool part?  The better you get, the more people you help.  The more people you help, the healthier your bank account gets!!!  I don’t know of any other profession where our financial health is tied directly to the number of people’s lives we change.

In addition to the leadership roles I have performed during the last 20+ years, I have also worked with numerous outside organizations through consulting and sales coaching. My energetic and humorous key note addresses (if I do say so myself) have also inspired and electrified audiences throughout the United States.  I can be reached for consulting, personal coaching, and speaking engagements at either tim@successisvoluntary.com or by phone (623) 692-4486.

On a personal note: I married way over my head 29 years ago when I made the sale of my life.  If you have met the lovely Donna (also know as Dizzy D) you know how effective of a salesperson I must be!  We reside in Peoria, Arizona and are the proud parents of two gorgeous, grown, young women; Brittny 27 and Victoria 24.