#033: SIV David Mead – Start With Why

How Great Leaders Inspire Action


I don’t know about you, but I have had a handful of epiphanies in my lifetime that dramatically impacted my thinking, my business success, and my life.

Early in 2010, someone introduced me to a TED talk given by Simon Sinek that absolutely changed the way I looked at my life. I have always had a strong vision of why I was doing what I was doing, but I didn’t understand the importance of sharing my why with the people I was leading, including my own family.

The TED talk is titled How Great Leaders Inspire Action. It is the 3rd most watched video in the history of TED.com with over 37 million views. Shortly after the video was released, Simon released his first book titled Start With Why which expanded on the concepts he had laid out in the video. It was a runaway best seller.

I contacted Simon’s organization and they were gracious enough to offer to bring David Mead, one of their top trainers, onto the Success Is Voluntary podcast. David has been with The Start With Why Movement since almost the beginning. In fact he was working with Simon before the TED talk. David travels extensively all over the world speaking and helping organizations instill a Start With Why culture.

The 13 WHYS David And I Talked About

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#031: SIV Tom Hopkins

Tom delivers once again.


When I relaunched the Success Is Voluntary blog and podcast this January, one of the first congratulatory emails I got was from Tom Hopkins. Tom had been a guest on the podcast 4 years ago and his episode still holds the record for the number of downloads of a SIV podcast (just over 4,500.) In his email he asked me if I would like to have him come back on the podcast. I was stunned and incredibly humbled that A) Tom is a subscriber to SIV, B) That he actually reads my emails, and C) That he contacted me with his very generous offer.

If you listened to his first appearance you know what a huge influence Tom has had on my sales career and quite frankly my life. I could not be more thrilled to get to gleen more wisdom from Tom during this interview. The thing I love about the SIV podcast is that I get to ask questions and learn from every guest we have on. The way I look at it is that I get at least 1% better from each and every guest. I thank you for coming along with me on this incredible journey.

In the interest of time, so that you can get to listening to the podcast asap, I have again bullet-pointed the things we talked about on today’s episode.

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#032: Jackie Kohorst-Payne: Grit + Professionalism Always Wins

Where is VB headed?

Are You Stubborn Enough

Have you ever meet someone that you instantly knew was a true professional and that you were really going to enjoy collaborating with? Someone you knew was going to make you better? I first meet Jackie in early 2016. Her story of grit, determination and triumph inspired me then, and it continues to inspire me today!

Not only is Jackie inspiring, she is a world class professional and leader. In today’s episode Jackie breaks down where they VB industry started, how it got to where it is now, and where it is headed. I know I have never heard

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#030: Ron Jones – Let’s Go Fishing

Go to where the fish are biting!


I actually meet Ron on a fly fishing trip in New Mexico. The trip was an award for a contest we had won from our carrier at the time. We would soon become fast friends and peer mentors.

This is also one of the “lost SIV episodes” that I recorded but was unable to release during my hiatus from SIV.

In this episode Ron talked about one of our favorite subjects…. (no, not fishing)

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#029: Les Heinsen – Optimism Isn’t Enough

Time Doesn't Always Equal Improvement

Les and Sharon Heinsen

Les Heinsen is one of my heroes. I don’t use that term loosely. I won’t take time to explain that statement here. I covered that 4 years ago the last time Les came on the SIV Podcast. During his time with us then, he gave an absolute Masters Class on leadership. Listen to it HERE

I asked Les to appear again today to dig in to the concept he taught me 15+ years ago, “Just because time passes doesn’t mean that things are going to get better.”

One of the things I admire most about Les is his optimism and ability to encourage others. He is someone that believes in his people and helps them to see the future as it could be. As optimistic as Les is, he fully understands that optimism isn’t

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Brian Hicks – Astound Yourself Today

It's supposed to suck revival...

This is a repeat of the podcast I originally published on April 5th of 2014. I ran it again today to hammer home the message of Monday’s blog article, It’s Supposed To Suck. 

Astounded Woman Blown Away

If you haven’t guessed, the theme for SIV this January is new beginnings. I would be remiss if I didn’t let you know exactly how hard it is to attempt something new. It would also be unconscionable to not remind you that the hard work is worth it. Brian reminded us how important it is to keep our focus on what we want.  LISTEN HERE

Please do every salesperson you know a favor and forward them this podcast. I promise they will thank you for it!

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I have had the great privilege of seeing Brian speak four times, including the two times I have paid him to come speak to my team. His message Astound Yourself Today resounds with audiences deeply.  In this episode Brian and I talk about many things including:

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#028: “Genius” Joe Buzzello Interview

Are you doing your genius work?


On Monday I introduced you to the idea of doing your “Genius Work.” I learned this concept from my friend and mentor Joe Buzzello. We have talked about it often and I felt it was time to bring it to you, my faithful subscriber. As a reminder your “Genius Work” occurs when:

  1. You love doing the work.
  2. You are talented and do the work with excellence.
  3. You can monetize the work.

To further explain this concept I invited Joe to join us on today’s Podcast.

But before you click on the play button, I want you to remember back to second grade when we were first introduced to the Venn Diagram. If you will remember, a Venn Diagram shows where two or more things overlap. For our example the chart above illustrates that sweet spot where all three components (enjoyment, talent, and monetization) of “Genius Work” all intersect.


Joe Buzzello


As a reminder Joe has authored two Amazon best selling books: The CAP Equation and Drawing Circles. Both are excellent and I heartily recommend them!  You can click on the covers below to get more information or to purchase them from Amazon.

I have also read an advanced copy of his new book: A Life In Sales. I promise you will not want to miss it when it comes out!



#027: Business Acumen – With Anthony Innarino


This is my first podcast in 4 years! I can’t think of a better guest to kick off 2018 than with one of the smartest sales trainers on the planet, Anthony Innarino. I was so bummed when I had recorded this interview in 2014 and then wasn’t able to publish it. The good news is that Anthony absolutely crushed it and I can’t wait to share it with you!

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#026: Success Doesn’t Leave Tracks – With Tim Martin [Podcast]

Success Leaves Tracks.  I know this isn’t an original idea.  I first heard Brian Tracy say that exact phrase in in 1999.  I believed him then.  Today I think he was dead wrong!  I’ll explain that in a moment…..

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But before we get going, I have a quick reminder for you.  The SIV podcast is brought to you by the good folks over at ReadItFor.me.  Your excuse of not having enough time to read just went out the window.  What Steve and his team do at ReadItFor.me is take the absolute best-of-the-best business, sales, leadership and self improvement books and turn them into 12 minute videos.  They already have an extensive library there at your finger tips and it continues to grow each week.  They also hold weekly tele-seminars where they take a book and do a deep dive for an hour into how to best apply the lessons from that book.  If you were only able to make one of these tele-seminars a month it would be worth your entire subscription cost, trust me!  I never miss a week!!!  The best part? As a SIV subscriber you can get a 30-day free trail!  All you have to do is go to HERE.  It will automatically take you to the free 30 day trial.  If you decided to subscribe (and honestly why wouldn’t you?) you will get a 10% discount off their already ridiculously low price.  Just use SIV as your coupon code when you check out. It does need to be in all capital letters.

In today’s episode I talk about how Brian Tracy was wrong.  He said that success leaves tracks. I believe that is such an understatement that it is wrong.  Success doesn’t leave tracks… Success leaves a super highway.  To get from where you are today to the pinnacle of success all you have to do is find out what the top people did and then just go do it too!!!  It really is that simple!

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Can You Believe That Success Is Voluntary Just Published It’s 25th Podcast?!?!

I want to thank you for listening!  The last several weeks we have been averaging just over 3,500 downloads per week!!! This is crazy to me. I was thrilled when we broke 200 downloads in a week.  You and the rest of the Success Is Voluntary Tribe are AMAZING!  I know that much of the growth of this podcast is directly a result of you sharing it with others and leaving reviews on iTunes.  http://successisvoluntary.com/iTunes

Several people have asked me how they can listen to older Success Is Voluntary Podcasts without scrolling all the way back through the website to the beginning.

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#024: The Objection Handling Process – With Tim Martin [Podcast]

In Today’s podcast we are going to explore the process for handling objections.

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But before we get into today’s topic, I need to tell you about an exciting development!  A few weeks ago I had Steve Cunningham on the show and the reaction from the listeners was unbelievable.  If you will remember Steve is the founder of readitfor.me  They take best-selling sales, marketing, leadership and personal development books, and turn tIhem into 12-minute animated videos that you can watch on any device (there’s also audio and pdf versions.  They host workshops and mastermind groups as well.  At the end of the conversation, Steve made the listeners of this podcast an unbelievable offer! He agreed to discount the “Workshop Plan’s” annual subscription. Well you guys and gals responded in droves.  Because of your response Steve has agreed to become the official sponsor of the Success Is Voluntary podcast.  He offered me a very generous sponsorship deal. As flattered as I was, I wanted to make sure you, the listener, were able to benefit from that arrangement more than I was. So I asked Steve to lower the sponsorship fee he was going to pay me and use that money to lower the cost of his products and services to my subscribers. He agreed!  I have included a link here to the readitfor.me free trial page.  If you decide after your trial that you want to continue you just need to type SIV in the coupon code before you check out.  That is SIV as in Success Is Voluntary and it needs to be in all capital letters.

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#023: When Buyers Say No – Tom Hopkins Interview [Podcast]

As you may already know, this episode is a huge milestone for me and I couldn’t be more excited!  In this podcast I had the opportunity to interview one of my heroes in the sales game, Mr. Tom Hopkins.  When I first started in the Voluntary Benefits arena, Tom Hopkins was doing sales training and consulting for the carrier I went to work for.  The name of the program he developed with them was “Building Aflac Sales Champions”  I still have the binder and the cassette tapes that came with it sitting in my office and I still revisit this material often.  I almost wore those tapes out.

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Within my first year in sales I traveled from Seattle, Washington to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend his Building Sales Champion’s Bootcamp. I paid for it out of my own pocket with money I didn’t have.  I am so thankful I did as it completely changed my sales career.  According to Amazon.com Tom has written 18 books on sales including his classic How to Master the Art of Selling
and his latest: When Buyers Say No: Essential Strategies for Keeping a Sale Moving Forward
Tom was kind enough to send me a copy of it last week and I haven’t been able to put it down!  If you read only one book on sales this year, make sure it’s my book Disturbing Questions! But if you are going to really stretch and read two books on sales, I can’t recommend “When Buyers Say No” strongly enough!!!

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