#023: When Buyers Say No – Tom Hopkins Interview [Podcast]

As you may already know, this episode is a huge milestone for me and I couldn’t be more excited!  In this podcast I had the opportunity to interview one of my heroes in the sales game, Mr. Tom Hopkins.  When I first started in the Voluntary Benefits arena, Tom Hopkins was doing sales training and consulting for the carrier I went to work for.  The name of the program he developed with them was “Building Aflac Sales Champions”  I still have the binder and the cassette tapes that came with it sitting in my office and I still revisit this material often.  I almost wore those tapes out.

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Within my first year in sales I traveled from Seattle, Washington to Scottsdale, Arizona to attend his Building Sales Champion’s Bootcamp. I paid for it out of my own pocket with money I didn’t have.  I am so thankful I did as it completely changed my sales career.  According to Amazon.com Tom has written 18 books on sales including his classic How to Master the Art of Selling
and his latest: When Buyers Say No: Essential Strategies for Keeping a Sale Moving Forward
Tom was kind enough to send me a copy of it last week and I haven’t been able to put it down!  If you read only one book on sales this year, make sure it’s my book Disturbing Questions! But if you are going to really stretch and read two books on sales, I can’t recommend “When Buyers Say No” strongly enough!!!

#022: Eight Signs You Have Turned Professional in Sales – Tim Martin [Podcast]

I recently gave a keynote speech for a large organization in Long Beach, California. In it I borrowed heavily from author, Steven Pressfield.   Most of his his non-fiction writing is geared more towards artists and writers than it is to sales people.  Having said that, if you don’t read his books The War of Art and Turning Pro I worry about you.  They are both that important. Just about everyone, from every walk of life, can benefit from these two books. Those that are artists, writers, entrepreneurs and sales people will be profoundly changed. Pressfield identifies at least 26 signs one can use to to know if they have turned pro at what they do for a living. I spoke on just 8.

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You can also see the slides from the presentation right here!  Just click the arrow to advance the slide show.

#021: Sales Leadership, Master Class With Les Heinsen [Podcast]

When I first was considering starting this podcast, one of the first people I thought of that could add tremendous value to my listeners was today’s guest.  For those of you who know me, you know I frequently quote John Maxwell, Jim Rhone, Tom Hopkins, Ziz Ziglar, Brian Tracy and Les Heinsen.  In fact I quoted Les and wrote a whole blog article around his concept that everything we do in the course of our business day is either stress relieving or goal achieving.  (Read it here.)  

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Some of you already know Les Heinsen.  Les is the State Sales Coordinator for Aflac in Northern California and Northern Nevada. For others this podcast will give you a little insight into why I consider Les to be one of the best leaders I have ever met.  When I recorded this interview I was blown away!  Les absolutely brought it and delivered in a big way!  I hope you have your pen and paper ready to take notes because Les held a Master Class in leadership with me and you get to listen in.  Are you ready to learn?  Let’s go!!!!

#020: Five Leadership Lessons I Learned From Aflac Founder, Mr. Paul Amos [Podcast]

This podcast episode is dedicated to Mr. Paul Amos.

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Mr. Paul, as the Aflac nation calls him, passed away yesterday, July 3rd from complications related to Parkinson’s disease in Columbus, Georgia. He was 88.  Mr. Paul was one of the 3 brothers that founded Aflac together in 1955.  As many of you know, I started my Voluntary Benefits career with Aflac and even though I now lead a sales team for Aflac’s biggest competitor, Colonial Life, I have absolutely no ill will towards Aflac and treasure my time there greatly.  Just like any carrier, they have their strengths and weaknesses.  One of their greatest strengths has traditionally been a great senior management team.  This legacy was started by Mr. Paul and his two brothers.  It was something he was very proud of.

I had the opportunity to meet and learn from Mr. Paul on several occasions during my time with Aflac. Mr. Paul’s example and words have impacted my life and career in many ways. In today’s episode I want to share with you five great leadership lessons that I have learned through those interactions.

#019: Joe Buzzello Interviews Tim Martin – About Disturbing Questions [Podcast]

In today’s podcast, previous Success Is Voluntary guest, Joe Buzzello sits down with new author Tim Martin to ask him about his just released eBook Disturbing Questions. Spoiler Alert: At the end of the interview, Joe gives the book his full endorsement.

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During the interview Tim and Joe talk about the following:

  • Why all the logic in the world doesn’t matter to the business owner/Decision Maker.
  • Moving the Decision Maker from a logical decision to an emotional decision.
  • How to get the Decision Maker uncomfortable.
  • Why so many salespeople leave the business.
  • Why Tim wrote the book.
  • Just because there is no reason for the Decision Maker to say no, doesn’t mean that there is enough reason to say yes.
  • Why a quick no is critical to get from the Decision Maker.
  • What you must do to get the Decision Maker to take you seriously.
  • Why being a people pleaser is the best way to lose the business.
  • How to get the Decision Maker to take you seriously.
  • When it is ok to make the Decision Maker mad at you.
  • What the risks are when we make the Decision Maker mad and why we do it anyway.
  • How the Decision Maker lives a different life-style than their employees and why we must remind them of that fact.
  • Why “Maybe” kills most sales people.
  • When it is ok to walk away from a potential client.
  • Why Joe wants to get out and run some Decision Maker appointments.
  • How to purchase the book.

If you are interested in purchasing the book Disturbing Questions just click here.Buy Now Orange


#018: Readitfor.me Founder and President – Steve Cunningham Interview [Podcast]

I am so excited to introduce you to my guest today! Steve Cunningham has created one of the most innovative personal growth platforms I have ever seen. (If you are reading this by email, just click on Steve’s picture to listen.)

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Many of you know that I am a huge proponent of self-development. Reading is a huge part of my development plan and I average about a book a week.  Even at that pace, I can’t possibly keep up with all the business books that are published every year. That is why I have also subscribed to a couple of executive book summary services over the years.