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How Could They Say No To Me?


“There is no way a business owner or decision maker could ever tell me no,” I proclaimed to the lovely Dizzy D (my wife of 25 years) that fateful night nearly 17 years ago.



The Reality

So how can the business owner possibly say no to a program that helps his employees and doesn’t cost him anything? How can he possibly shoot you down? Trust me, he figures out a way. Unless you get the business owner out of his comfort zone, your chances of closing are somewhere between slim and none. And Slim just left the building. To get the owner to listen to you in the first place, you must get him to admit that he might not know everything. There are two things working against you.

  1. The business owner is typically a very driven, Type A personality, who is used to being in charge of everything surrounding their business.
  2. They have been in business thirty trillion years before you showed up and have NEVER ONCE CONSIDERED that they might need your products.

So even though there is absolutely no legitimate reason for any decision maker to tell you no, that doesn’t mean that you have given them enough reason to say yes. Disturbing questions get the Decision Maker to stop for just a second and realize that perhaps there is something that they hadn’t considered. Perhaps it would be important to offer these types of benefits to their employees. No matter how great the 10 reasons to offer Voluntary Benefits (outlined in this eBook) are, they all appeal to the business owner’s logical side. Business owners don’t make decisions based upon logic. Neither do you. One of the oldest adages in sales is, “People buy based upon emotion. They back it up (their decision) using logic.” If all we do is give them the back up (the logical reasons), we are missing the mark by a very wide margin. The disturbing questions outlined in this eBook are designed to create a very strong emotional response.  In this eBook I give you 10 disturbing questions you can ask the business owner/decision maker and 3 you can ask their employees. Very quickly you will realize that the more disturbing questions you ask, the higher your chances are of making the sale. It really is that simple.   

eBook and Audio Version $27 – Add to Cart


eBook Only $17 – Add to Cart


Audio Version Only $12 – Add to Cart



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