Free Coaching Call

coach wistleI am so thrilled that you have decided to explore coaching. Your decision to ask for help may very well be that special moment in time that proves to be a catalyst for change. Your decision also proves that you are serious about starting your journey towards making significant changes in the way you are selling. More importantly, it will change dramatically the way you get paid.

To maximize our short 30 minutes together, I have a homework assignment that I need you to complete. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but after hiring and training over 2,000 Voluntary Benefit sales people in my career, I have discovered 4 things.

  1. Everyone says that they are “coachable and trainable.”
  2. Very few are really willing to do the hard work and make the changes I suggest.
  3. My time is finite. I have decided to spend it running with the people who want to run, instead of expending energy trying to drag people to success. “Don’t try to teach a pig to sing. All it does is annoy the pig and wastes your time.” -My Dad, Ron Martin.
  4. The best way to discover if someone is really interested in my help is to ask them to do homework. (Tweet That)

Here is your homework (should you choose to accept it.)

I look forward to helping you destroy those obstacles that are standing between you and the winners circle!