#018: Readitfor.me Founder and President – Steve Cunningham Interview [Podcast]

I am so excited to introduce you to my guest today! Steve Cunningham has created one of the most innovative personal growth platforms I have ever seen. (If you are reading this by email, just click on Steve’s picture to listen.)

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Many of you know that I am a huge proponent of self-development. Reading is a huge part of my development plan and I average about a book a week.  Even at that pace, I can’t possibly keep up with all the business books that are published every year. That is why I have also subscribed to a couple of executive book summary services over the years.

Every day someone tells me that they would like to read more but can never find the time. Steve and his team have just shattered that excuse! They take best-selling sales, marketing, leadership and personal development books, and turn them into 12-minute animated videos that you can watch on any device (there’s also audio and pdf versions.)  They host workshops and mastermind groups as well.

During our conversation Steve and I talk about how Readitfor.me came into existence and his accidental journey to becoming the president of the family business. Spoiler alert: Steve may have the shortest career as a practicing, bar certified, lawyer in the history of law.

I believe that anyone that is running their own business can learn a ton from Steve. It was a pure joy to speak with him and pick his brain during this podcast. I hope you get as much out of our conversation as I did.

At the end of the conversation, Steve made the listeners of this podcast an unbelievable offer! He agreed to discount the “Workshop Plan’s” annual subscription from $999 to $250. This is a 75% discount!!! If you can’t afford $250, Steve has also agreed to allow you to sign up for just $25 per month. Are you kidding me?!?! The cost of most hardback business books are $25-$30.

To Subscribe To Readitfor.me

If you end up as excited about the service as I am, you can use the following code to save up to 75% on their “Workshop” plan:

Go to www.readitfor.me/pricing

Then just type SIV in the coupon code before you check out. The price will drop from $999 all the way down to $250.

Let me know what you think about the service, I’m curious to hear your feedback.

You can connect with Steve through the following platforms:

LinkedIn ca.linkedin.com/in/stevecunninghamatpolar

Twitter: stevecunningham



Tim Martin

Author: Tim Martin

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