#047: Dr. Paul Flatley – Part 2 (of 2) Telemedicine

Dr. Paul Flatley, Founder of Direct2MD

Dr. Paul Flatley is the founder of Direct2MD. D2MD is a telemedicine company that he founded almost 2 years ago.

For the 6 years prior to founding Direct2MD, Paul was the Medical Director for Arizona’s busiest Emergency Room. His department averaged a staggering 75,000 ER visits per year.

When I first met Dr. Paul, I immediately was fascinated by him, his business model, and his mission.

 Broken Promises?

For more than 15 years, there has been the promise that someday in the near future, most doctors’ visits could be done via a webcam. Well, the technology didn’t really exist until recently (that darn HIPPA got in the way) but that all has changed and I believe the future is finally here!

Organizations like Dr. Paul’s Direct2MD are uniquely positioned to radically change the entire healthcare landscape.

 Why Telemedicine Will Radically Change Healthcare.

 The Advantages of Telemedicine for Patients

  • Save significant money in copays (D2MD has a $0 copay)
  • 24/7 access from anywhere
  • No need to get dressed
  • The doctor can call in most prescriptions to your pharmacy
  • No need to miss work
  • No need to pull kids out of school
  • Peace of mind knowing if you should or don’t need to seek further treatment
  • No waiting rooms
  • No need to put off seeking medical attention
  • No sick patients to come into contact with
  • Dramatically shorter waiting times to see a doctor. (D2MD has an average 6 minute wait time to see a doctor.)

The Advantages of Telemedicine for Employers

  • Lower claims experience (The average ER visit is $2,700.)
  • Decreased absenteeism
  • Attraction and retention of employees
  • Improve bottom line profits
  • Increased employee productivity
  • Healthier employees


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