One Freaking Stroke!?!?

Can you believe that one freaking stroke in golf could be worth $720,000?!?!?

If you don’t follow golf, you may not have noticed that 25 year-old Rory McIlroy won his 4th “Major” this past weekend at the PGA Championship.  He has now won two majors in a row and is ranked the #1 player in the world.  To say that Rory has had a good summer is like saying that Bill Gates has money.

Over a 4 day period, after playing 72 holes of golf, Rory had swung his golf club 268 times to Phil Mickelson’s 269.  This one stroke therefore represents just a .37, of one percent, difference in results.  Yet Rory earned 66.7% more money for his victory than Phil’s second place finish was worth to him.  Don’t feel too bad for Phil.  I’m pretty sure that he and his family won’t be forced to eat Top Ramen any time soon as his check for the four days was $1,080,000.  Rory had the same exact numerals show up in his check.  They were just in a different order: $1,800,000.

Think about that again for just a second. A .37% difference in performance created 66.7% more revenue.  The implications go much further than the money however.  If Phil had figured out a way to sink one more putt (or stay in the fairway one more time) he would have won his 6th Major and gone from a great player to one of the best ever.  Perhaps it is unfair to judge a golfer’s career by the number of Majors they have won.  Just like it might be unfair to judge an NBA player by how many championships they have won (see Charles Barkley.)  But fair or not, it is where fans and Hall-Of-Fame voters begin their discussions of greatness.

“How does this weekend’s PGA Championship relate to Voluntary Benefits,” you might ask.  The reality is that you never know when that “one more” might make all the difference in your career.  I have identified 8 “one mores” below.

Tim’s 8 “One Mores” That Make All The Difference

  1. One more appointment. – Don’t ever settle for setting less than 2 appointments per day.  Read Jesse’s story  and the “Secret Magic Bullet To Sales Success” here.
  2. One more cold call. – I can’t tell you how many times in my career that I had my two appointments, was sick and tired of cold calling, but hadn’t hit my activity goal yet.  Instead of listening to my whiny, internal, crappy justifications, I decided to make just one more attempt.  And then one more after that.  And just one more after that…. Oh, that one sucked…I better end on a good note so I’ll do just one more still…. At least once a month I would turn that one more cold call into a group I wouldn’t have got any other way!
  3. One more follow-up. – News flash: Decision Makers don’t always say yes the first time you darken their doorway.  I once had a Decision Maker tell me that he won’t meet with a salesperson until he has seen them come into his business at least 7 times. The good news was that he was meeting with me because I had been in 7 times.  The bad news was that he didn’t tell me about his 7 times rule until AFTER I had been in there 7 times.  He was counting and keeping score.  I was just trying to get a client….
  4. One more product. – Never prejudge what someone is going to be interested in.  If you offer that product in that group, make sure you show it to everyone.  I know that it can seem silly to show a Cancer Plan to a 22 year-old, single, man.  It may be tempting to skip it or gloss over your presentation.  One of the biggest cancer claims I have ever been associated with was someone I almost didn’t show my Cancer Plan to.  Can you imagine how devastated I would have been if he had been diagnosed with cancer and I hadn’t even given him the opportunity to protect himself?
  5. One more closing attempt. – 80% of insurance agents take the first or second no.  20% find creative ways to overcome the objection and close again.  The 20% make 80% of the commissions.  Which group do you want to be in?
  6. One more training class. – It never ceases to amaze me.  The people that are killing it are always front-and-center at every training I ever hold.  The agents that are struggling and really need the training are “too busy trying to make money” to show up.  It’s probably just a coincidence….
  7. One more book. – Every single time a read a sales book, (which for me is almost weekly) I find myself in a situation almost immediately where I can use a technique or strategy that I just finished reading about.  (Religious rant warning!) It’s almost as if God knew I was going to be needing that knowledge and gave it to me just in time.  (Shameless plug warning!) Have you read Disturbing Questions yet.  Get it here!
  8. One more visit. – You have worked hard to make these people your customers.  Even if they don’t have any new-hires, or need any kind of assistance, you still need to visit them regularly.  They deserve to see your smiling face at least four times per year.  Don’t go in empty handed.  You would be shocked how much good will you can create with a box of cookies or a couple of pizzas when they aren’t expecting you.

Conclusion: One more stroke cost Phil Mickelson $720,000.  “One More” can have a dramatic positive impact on your earnings.

Question: I’m sure I have missed a few “one mores” in this article.  What are they?  Please leave your suggestions in the comments section in the top left corner of this article.  Or if you are reading this by email just hit the reply button on your email program right now and respond.

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