The Perfect Script

The question I have been asked more than any other over the last 20+ years is, “What is the best script to use?” There are approximately 23 billion books on writing cold calling scripts. They are really just variations on a theme.

The perfect script

The reality is there is no such thing as a perfect script. In fact, sales trainer Gary Hoy and I discussed this very thing when I had him on the podcast. Telling your salespeople that the script you are giving them is “THE” best script is completely demoralizing to them if they don’t get instant results.

Now I’m not suggesting for a minute that scripts aren’t important. A true pro knows that there are certain words and language patterns that lead the prospect closer to an appointment. They also know there are things that will drive the prospect away kicking and screaming.

If your organization has scripts they want you to use, by all means, you should use them initially. Just know that any script will fail way more often than it succeeds. After you have had your teeth kicked in 100 times or so, you will slowly get better.

 The Best Script Ever

I stated above that there is no such thing as the perfect script, but can I give you the best script ever? The script that I have seen set more appointments than any other was, “Hi, my name is Jesse with Aflac and I’m calling because I need an appointment.” I’m not kidding. Jesse set more appointments using that script than any of his peers ever did. They undoubtedly had much better scripting but Jesse was relentless. He would pound the phones until he had reached his appointment goal for the day… And then he did it again the next day… And again the next day… And again…

What I Learned From Jesse

Raw enthusiasm and hard work beat sophistication and skill every single time.

Jesse is still a master appointment setter. His skill set is much stronger today than it was 10 years ago, but his work ethic has never lagged. While Jesse was living in the Philippines, he used VOIP to set B2B appointments in the US for various industries, despite a 13-hour timezone difference.

Jesse has recently moved back to Arizona without a job lined up first. My guess is that he is never going to have a problem generating appointments (which if you haven’t guessed, means he won’t ever have a challenge generating an income.)

Tim Martin

    Tim has spent the last 22 years in the VB sales world. During that time he has recruited and trained over 2,000 agents to get people to do what they should, but wouldn't do if we didn't come along. In addition to his leadership rolls at the two largest VB carriers on the planet, Tim has worked with outside organizations through consulting and sales coaching. His energetic and humorous key note addresses have also inspired and electrified audiences throughout the United States. Currently Tim is also working on his first book "Success Is Voluntary."

    Tim and the lovely Dizzy D reside in Peoria, Arizona. They have been married for 29 years and are the proud parent of two gorgeous grown young women, Brittny 27 and Victoria 25.

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    1. That’s fresh and straight to the point. I think I will have my new sales reps try this. Who knows? 🙂 Thanks for sharing!