Everything in life is voluntary, including success

As Founding Partner of  Success is Voluntary, a boutique consultancy firm, Tim helps individuals and companies reach their maximum potential by creating a laser focus on what he calls the FOUR PILLARS OF SUCCESS:
1) Recruit and Hire Enough of the Right Kind
2) Onboard and Train Effectively
3) Accelerate Production at All Levels
4) Drive Leadership Development

Listen as Tim interviews some of the most successful authors, sales leaders, and business people on the planet each week. The thing they all have in common? They all faced challenges, yet chose to volunteer to do the hard, sometimes excruciating, work to be successful. When the episode is done, you will feel like you just attended a masters class and walk away ready to volunteer for success.


SIV #067: Live InspiredSIV #067: Live Inspired
SIV #067 | 1/9/2019

John O’Leary

Live Inspired

When John O’Leary was 9 years old, he suffered burns over 100% of his body and was expected to die. He is now an inspirational speaker and author. If this podcast doesn’t inspire you, I give up. Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #060: The Go-GiverSIV #060: The Go-Giver
SIV #060 | 9/11/2018

Bob Burg

The Go-Giver

There is a paradox of achieving what you want by focusing on the other person’s interests. Not in a way that is self-sacrificial but rather in such a way that all parties benefit greatly. Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #055: Go For NoSIV #055: Go For No
SIV #055 | 8/7/2018

Andrea Waltz

Go For No

Prospects have a hard time saying no. Andrea Waltz wants you to make it easy for them… Wait, what?!?!  Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #052: ObjectionsSIV #052: Objections
SIV #052 | 7/17/2018

Jeb Blount


Jeb Blount explains why so little has been written on objections and what has been taught is dead wrong. You should take it personally! Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #027: Business AcumenSIV #027: Business Acumen
SIV #027 | 1/3/2018

Anthony Iannarino

Business Acumen

What is “Level 4 Value Creation?” It isn’t enough to just have sales acumen. Today you must also help your dream customer see around corners. Click Here For Shownotes



Jenni Hyatt, 3/14/2019

Best Podcast

Tim has opened my eyes to the voluntary benefits world. He has amazing guests who have help mold me into the Agent I am today. Each episode has hel… more

RMW1, 2/21/2019


As usual Tim provides on time needed infomation for those competing daily in the voluntary benefit industry. His insights are proven and his guests… more

G3n32, 2/20/2018

Tim Martin Knows Voluntary Success

Tim brings his considerable success in ‘Voluntary’ to this podcast series (revived from 2014 after he was threatened with termination if he continu… more


SIV #087: Mark and Anne Lackey – Free Your TimeSIV #087: Mark and Anne Lackey – Free Your Time


SIV #087 | 10/4/2019

Mark and Anne Lackey

Virtually Free

How much time are you spending on non-revenue generating activities? What if you could focus 80% or more of your week actually making money? Mark and Anne show us how.

SIV #089: Anthony Iannarino – Eat Their LunchSIV #089: Anthony Iannarino – Eat Their Lunch


SIV #089 | 9/18/2019

Anthony Iannarino

Eat Their Lunch

To displace competitors, or win your dream client, Anthony Iannarino believes you must "enter from the right." Anthony's latest book Eat Their Lunch. is excellent. He stops by to unpack it! Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #088: Matt Ward – Futurist – Will AI displace agents and advisorsSIV #088: Matt Ward – Futurist – Will AI displace agents and advisors


SIV #088 | 9/3/2019

Matt Ward

Will AI displace agents and advisors?

Matt Ward is a serial entrepreneur, venture capitalist, and futurist. He believes that there are very few careers that are safe from automation and artificial intelligence. Will it impact you? Listen to find out.

SIV #086: Sylvia Gordon – Why Senior Markets and Medicare Supplements are neededSIV #086: Sylvia Gordon – Why Senior Markets and Medicare Supplements are needed


SIV #086 | 8/20/2019

Sylvia Gordon

Medicare Supplements Are Critical

I'm not sure why I have never explored selling Medicare Supplements. Sylvia Gordon explains how senior products can really help your clients, and oh yeah, it's very profitable.

SIV #085: Curtis Ray – Everyone Ends Up Poor – Why Financial Planning Is All Backwards And How To Fix ItSIV #085: Curtis Ray – Everyone Ends Up Poor – Why Financial Planning Is All Backwards And How To Fix It


SIV #085 | 8/13/2019

Curtis Ray

Everyone Ends Up Poor

Curtis Ray has astounded and frustrated some of the most successful financial advisors at some of the largest financial firms in the country. He came on to show us why they aren't very happy with him. Click Here For Shownotes


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