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Andrea Waltz – Go For No – SIV #055 Shownotes

Yes is the destination. No is how you get there.

Since Go For No came out, it may be the book that has influenced my new recruits the most. I have bought hundreds of copies and given it to every new agent that has joined my team.

Andrea Waltz is the co-author of this sales masterpiece. When I had Jeb Blount on the Success Is Voluntary Podcast a few weeks ago, he offered to put me in touch with her. I couldn’t have been more excited when Andrea agreed to stop by and hang out with us.

Andrea and her co-author, business partner and husband Richard Fenton travel internationally speaking and training sales teams. I believe that the critical mindset of going for no is absolutely foundational and something that every salesperson must understand and get comfortable with. As Andrea and Richard point out in the book, and in this podcast, the people that win the top sales awards at most companies, are also the people that get told no the most. I’m pretty sure there is a direct correlation!

Things Andrea And I Talked About

  • She started her sales career in retail: Lenscrafters
  • She and Richard started a sales training company that facilitated 8-hour presentations. Only 1/2 hour was on the Go For No mindset.
  • The discipline necessary to fill your pipeline
  • The disappointment of losing deals, especially when your pipeline is empty
  • If you are operating in fear you put pressure on prospects/clients
  • The fallacy that today isn’t going to kill my business/career
  • The need to change your mindset as it relates to rejection
  • The old model of success says that failure is to be avoided at all costs
  • The new model of success says that you must go through failure on the way to success
  • The 5 Levels of Failure
  • The ability to fail
  • The willingness to fail
  • The wantingness to fail
  • Failing bigger and faster
  • Failing exponential
  • Set a goal for the number of no’s you are going to hear
  • Don’t allow quotas to govern your activity
  • We don’t manage to minimums
  • The need to have a goal for no’s in all of your KPIs
  • The script isn’t as important as the ability to put yourself in a position to hear no
  • Disqualifying people quickly
  • No, not now vs. No, not ever
  • No is better than maybe
  • Prospects have a hard time saying no. Make it easy for them… WHAT?!?!
  • If you are going to fail, fail big!
  • Don’t talk yourself out of going after a client because of self-limiting beliefs
  • “Never make assumptions about what people are going to buy, do, or spend.” – Andrea Waltz (Tweet That)
  • Sometimes as salespeople, we get too good.  HUH?
  • Living bigger by not fearing failure

The Books andrea and i Talked About

As always: Click on the links below to learn more or purchase through Amazon.

Go For No – Andrea Waltz and Richard Fenton

The Aladdin Factor – Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen

The Four Agreements – Don Miguel Ruiz

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Until then, I wish you great SUCCESS! I’ve heard it’s VOLUNTARY…

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