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Anthony Iannarino – SIV #089 ShownotesAnthony Iannarino – SIV #089 Shownotes

Anthony Iannarino – SIV #089 Shownotes

Eat Their Lunch I have followed Anthony Iannarino for at least 7 years. His blog (thesalesblog.com) and podcast (In The Arena) are both fantastic. As you may remember, we had Anthony on this podcast in January of 2018. He was fantastic! In fa…
Curtis Ray – SIV #085 ShownotesCurtis Ray – SIV #085 Shownotes

Curtis Ray – SIV #085 Shownotes

Don’t Retire Broke! Did you know that 99% of Americans retire on $50,000 per year or less? That’s why this week’s guest, Curtis Ray, wrote the book Everyone Ends Up Poor! Why Financial Planning Is All Backwards And How To Fix It. Curtis wrote…
Come Join Me in “La-la Land!”Come Join Me in “La-la Land!”

Come Join Me in “La-la Land!”

And I’m not talking about the movie “I am an optimist. It does not seem too much use being anything else.” – Winston ChurchillMy wife, the lovely Dizzy D, claims I live in “La-la Land.” What she means is that I “suffer” from eternal optimism. …
Cliff Ravenscraft – SIV #084 ShownotesCliff Ravenscraft – SIV #084 Shownotes

Cliff Ravenscraft – SIV #084 Shownotes

This podcast is all his fault! Cliff Ravenscraft taught me (and hundreds of others) how to podcast. As you may know, that led to me almost getting fired. The insurance carrier I was working for thought I was teaching their competition how to …
New-Agent First Year SurvivalNew-Agent First Year Survival

New-Agent First Year Survival

Join the 11% Did you know that only 11% of new Insurance Agents survive their first two years in this industry? If you have already achieved that milestone, then this article may not be for you. (But you might enjoy a refresher.)  That first n…
It’s Supposed To Suck!It’s Supposed To Suck!

It’s Supposed To Suck!

It’s supposed to suck! You are creating something out of nothing.” -Brian Hicks The first time I heard Brian Hicks say this I nearly snorted water out of my nose. (Important safety tip: When listening to Brian speak, time your drinking with care.)…
Tim Martin – Personal Coaching – SIV #035 ShownotesTim Martin – Personal Coaching – SIV #035 Shownotes

Tim Martin – Personal Coaching – SIV #035 Shownotes

This episode was originally released on 2/2819 If you keep doing what you’ve always done, you’ll keep getting what you’ve always got. I can’t tell you how overwhelming and humbling the response to the re-launch of the Success Is Voluntary blog …


Some days it is hard to remember why you went into sales. Some days you get your head handed to you. Some days that big client you were counting on (and had already spent the commission check in your mind) backs out of the deal.Really, Why?Why…
The Soft Stuff Is The Hard PartThe Soft Stuff Is The Hard Part

The Soft Stuff Is The Hard Part

First a quote: “The soft stuff is always harder than the hard stuff.” – Roger Enrico, Former CEO, PepsiCo I have facilitated countless change management workshops over the years. It is one of my favorite topics and has been one of our more pop…
It Worked So Good…It Worked So Good…

It Worked So Good…

We stoped doing it. I love innovation and technology! So many things that show up on my Amazon suggestions call to me to just hit “Buy with 1 click!” So many information products (classes, seminars, resources, do it for you programs, etc.) sin…
“What part of ‘I’m not interested are you to dumb to understand?!?!?!?”“What part of ‘I’m not interested are you to dumb to understand?!?!?!?”

“What part of ‘I’m not interested are you to dumb to understand?!?!?!?”

WARNING: This post is not for weenies! To use the techniques described, you must have HUGE cojones! Almost 15 years ago, I meet THE. WORST. HUMAN. BEING. on the planet. At least that’s what it felt like at that moment. I’m not sure if I caught him…
“Power Hour” and the $10,000 Mistake“Power Hour” and the $10,000 Mistake

“Power Hour” and the $10,000 Mistake

This post first appeared February 24, 2014 If you haven’t turned 21 lately, or like me, had a child turn 21 lately, you might not know what a “Power Hour” is.  In Arizona, last call is 1:00 a.m. on weekdays (2:00 a.m. on Friday and Saturday,…

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