Below is a quick tutorial for those of you who have never rated a podcast before.  If you are a seasoned pro, then you can click this link and skip the rest of this page: Rate SIV Podcast Now  While you are there, you might want to subscribe on iTunes as well.  I’d hate for you to miss an episode!

Step-by-Step Tutorial

1) Click this link to be taken to the SIV Podcast on iTunes: Rate SIV Podcast Now

2) Click view in iTunes. (You will be taken deeper into the iTunes website.)


View iTunes

Click the following in this order:

3) Ratings and Reviews

4) Click on the 5th star  🙂

5) Write a review.*

(*You will need an iTunes/Apple Id to write a review.)

iTunes write review

6) Repeat next week!


7) That’s it!  See how easy that was?!?!


 I really do appreciate you taking the time to rate the Podcast.  It truly does make a difference in keeping it in front of new subscribers.

As a thank you for rating the podcast, each week I will pull a name of someone who left a review and send them a copy of my latest eBook: Disturbing Questions – Making the Decision Maker Uncomfortable.

If you really want to go “above and beyond the call of duty,” would you consider shooting this link out to the people on your email list?  I’ve even included a little blurb you can cut and paste into the email.

Hey …..,

I don’t usually do this, but I came across a free resource that I think you will be excited about. The name of the website is Success Is Voluntary.  Each week they have great blog articles, resources, and podcast interviews with thought leaders in the sales, self development, training, and leadership arena.  Even people like Sales Guru, Tom Hopkins show up from time to time!

Success Is Voluntary started as a resource for sales people and sales leaders in the Voluntary Benefits arena but has grown to much more.  As Tim Martin (the founder of Success Is Voluntary) would say, “You don’t have to check out this incredible resource. It’s completely up to you.  In fact it’s voluntary…. So is success!

Your Friend,


Thanks again for being a subscriber!!!


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