SIV #079: Leveraging Social Media SIV #079: Leveraging Social Media


SIV #079 | 7/2/2019

Alex Lombard

Leveraging Social Media

Alex Lombard has over 1 million followers - just on Instagram! I have 151. Maybe it's time you and I figured out how to actually leverage social media instead of watching cat videos.

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SIV #086: Sylvia Gordon – Why Senior Markets and Medicare Supplements are neededSIV #086: Sylvia Gordon – Why Senior Markets and Medicare Supplements are needed


SIV #086 | 8/20/2019

Sylvia Gordon

Medicare Supplements Are Critical

I'm not sure why I have never explored selling Medicare Supplements. Sylvia Gordon explains how senior products can really help your clients, and oh yeah, it's very profitable.

SIV #085: Curtis Ray – Everyone Ends Up Poor – Why Financial Planning Is All Backwards And How To Fix ItSIV #085: Curtis Ray – Everyone Ends Up Poor – Why Financial Planning Is All Backwards And How To Fix It


SIV #085 | 8/13/2019

Curtis Ray

Everyone Ends Up Poor

Curtis Ray has astounded and frustrated some of the most successful financial advisors at some of the largest financial firms in the country. He came on to show us why they aren't very happy with him. Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #084: Cliff Ravenscraft – Free The DreamSIV #084: Cliff Ravenscraft – Free The Dream


SIV #084 | 8/6/2019

Cliff Ravenscraft

Free The Dream

Cliff Ravenscraft taught me (and hundreds of others) how to podcast. He is now on a mission to teach thousands of  people how to "Free The Dream." If you think your life was meant for more, you are in the right place! Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #083: Jason BaySIV #083: Jason Bay


SIV #083 | 7/30/2019

Jason Bay

Blissful Prospecting

Blissfull is not the first word that I would ever use to describe prospecting. Jason Bay tells us how to leverage the incredible resources we have at our disposal to avoid cold call Hell.

SIV #082: Matt Halloran – Marketing for Agents and AdvisorsSIV #082: Matt Halloran – Marketing for Agents and Advisors


SIV #082 | 7/23/2019

Matt Halloran

Marketing Your Agency

Matt Halloran believes that everything we used to know about communication has changed. To market effectively today, you must be in your prospect’s/customer’s social media feed, when they are.

SIV #081: Aaron Walker – View From The TopSIV #081: Aaron Walker – View From The Top


SIV #081 | 7/16/2019

Aaron Walker

View From The Top

Aaron Walker started building his empire when he was 18. He sold his business to a Fortune 500 company at 27 and retired. It didn't stick. He retired again at 50. It didn't stick either. He now focuses on significance over success. Learn why!

SIV #BNS – Leo QuinnSIV #BNS – Leo Quinn


SIV #BNS | 7/15/2019

Leo Quinn

The Summer of 1,000 Noes

Leo Quinn is on a quest to receive 1,000 noes this summer. Why on earth would he do that? Two reasons: 1) He understands this will lead to more yeses. 2) He loves former SIV guest Andrea Waltz's book: Go For No

SIV #080: Leaving A Legacy Through RecruitingSIV #080: Leaving A Legacy Through Recruiting


SIV #080 | 7/9/2019

Tim Martin

Leaving A Legacy Through Recruiting

Tim Martin joins the Top Advisor Marketing Podcast to talk with host Matt Halloran about why it is imperative to recruit new agents and advisors to grow your business. More importantly, it’s the right thing to do.

SIV #078: Moving From Models To MindsetsSIV #078: Moving From Models To Mindsets


SIV #078 | 6/25/2019

John Reid

Moving From Models To Mindsets

John Reid contends that sales training is designed for the lowest common denominator. He's not wrong. We unpack his book Moving From Models To Mindsets.

SIV #077: Jonny Burgess Returns!SIV #077: Jonny Burgess Returns!


SIV #077 | 4/23/2019

Jonny Burgess

Jonny Burgess Returns!

I love Jonny Burgess! Even if he did almost get me fired. I first had Jonny on the SIV episodes back in 2014. He had just written and published his book You Can Too. The book details his start in the Voluntary Benefits arena and the challenges he had to overcome. (Apparently, his kids wanted to eat). Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #076: It’s your money!SIV #076: It’s your money!


SIV #076 | 4/16/2019

Daniel Blue

It’s your money!

I don’t know about you, but if I’m being completely honest and transparent, I haven’t done a very good job saving for retirement during my career. About 7-8 years ago I got serious and started to find ways to invest in my future. After talking to this week’s episodes guest, Daniel Blue, I have a few new ideas. Click Here For Shownotes

SIV #075: Protect Your ProfitSIV #075: Protect Your Profit


SIV #075 | 4/9/2019

Elizabeth Hale

Protect Your Profit

I am NOT a fan of the IRS. We have tangled more than once and shockingly I have yet to win… Today’s guest Elizabeth Hale is a CPA that specializes in business accounting. She is definitely a fantastic resource for the self-employed. Click Here For Shownotes